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EXPANDED post menopausal female hormone panel (consultation included)

EXPANDED post menopausal female hormone panel (consultation included)

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This test utilizes your saliva as a sample for measuring 6 different hormones
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**Price includes consultation with Dr. Guberman to discuss results and recommendations

The expanded post menopausal female hormone panel includes all PeriMenopausal & PostMenopausal tests plus:

 *FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)  and * LH Luteinizing Hormone (LH)*

Take the guesswork out of knowing your hormone levels .

Postmenopause Hormone Panels The DiagnosTechs PHP uses accurate, noninvasive salivary testing to evaluate hormones that play a role in female reproductive function. These tests provide insight into factors that may contribute to common menopausal symptoms and are useful for monitoring hormone levels in women on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The Postmenopause Panel uses a single saliva collection and is ideal for women who are postmenopausal. The Perimenopause Panel uses two saliva samples collected about two weeks apart and is the preferred test for women experiencing early signs of menopause such as infrequent or unpredictable menses

The Peri - & Postmenopause Hormone Panels may be helpful for evaluating:

• Hot flashes • Memory loss or difficulty concentrating 

• Insomnia 

• Bone loss or osteoporosis 

• Depression or anxiety 

• Loss of muscle mass 

• Night sweats 

• Weight gain 

• Fatigue 

• Risk of cardiovascular disease or heart attack 

• Changes in menstrual cycle 

• Urinary incontinence 

• Vaginal dryness 

• Low libido

Your saliva samples are used to test:

 • Three forms of estrogen Estrone (E1) - The predominant estrogen in postmenopausal women. A significant portion of estrone production takes place in fat cells, and elevated levels are associated with an increased risk for certain types of cancer. Estradiol (E2) - Produced in the ovaries, fat cells, and adrenal glands, this form of estrogen has the strongest activity. Estradiol levels decrease after menopause, which may contribute to bone loss, hot flashes, and other symptoms. Estriol (E3) - The least potent of the three estrogens. Measuring levels of estriol is important for evaluating overall estrogen status. 

Progesterone Produced in the ovaries, levels of this hormone decline around menopause. Progesterone is important for maintaining a healthy endometrium in a normal menstrual cycle. 

DHEA A hormone produced in the adrenal glands, DHEA is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone. 

Testosterone Usually considered a male hormone, testosterone plays an important role in maintaining muscle mass, bone density, metabolism, energy, and libido. Elevated levels are associated with symptoms such as hair loss, acne, and facial hair growth.

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