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METATROL PRO-60 veg CAPSULES - Fermented Wheat Germ

METATROL PRO-60 veg CAPSULES - Fermented Wheat Germ

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Supports cell metabolic regulation
Product Number: 4110
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-Supports cell metabolic regulation

-Promotes immune system modulation

-Increases immune system’s ability to identify harmful cells for destruction

Product Description

Metatrol PRO® is the most potent Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (FWGE) ever produced. Using some of the most modern and sophisticated isolation techniques available, American BioSciences scientists identified the active molecules in fermented wheat germ and created a manufacturing technique that extracts those specific active molecules, making fermented wheat germ extract – super concentrate (FWGE-SC).

Just like its predecessor, AvéULTRA® (freeze-dried fermented wheat germ extract), studies confirm that 41 mg of FWGE-SC, which is found in two capsules of Metatrol PRO®, has the same biological activity as one packet of AvéULTRA®. Metatrol PRO® can provide health benefits to your patients such as:

  • Supporting the regulation of cell metabolism.
  • Helping to rescue mitochondrial function.
  • Enhancing mechanisms of cellular repair and differentiation.
  • Regulating immune system support and Th1/Th2 balance.

Plus, Metatrol PRO® has these added benefits:

  • Super-concentrated fermented wheat germ extract. Just two capsules have the same biological effect as one packet of AvéULTRA®.
  • More convenient to take. No mixing is necessary.
  • Gluten-Free!  No worries about gluten allergies.
  • Stable at higher temperatures. No refrigeration needed!

Nobel Prize Research…Product of the Year… Three CNN Reports  Data on FWGE—including rigorous, controlled, human clinical trials—has been developed in over 100 studies, as described in more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. The science behind FWGE’s creation is based on the research of Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, awarded the 1937 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his part in the discovery of vitamin C and the processes of cell metabolism… In 2002, 2004, and again in 2006, CNN reported on FWGE’s stunning immune restoring and enhancing powers. FWGE has been thoroughly tested in the U.S., Hungary, and over 10 other countries and studied by over 200 researchers from around the world, including scientists at UCLA.

Everybody Benefits from Metatrol Because it… Is an excellent way for anyone to keep his or her entire immune system in tune and “battle-ready”… Brightens quality of life and helps people feel stronger and more hopeful… Reduces fatigue… Elevates mood and enhances mental clarity… Is well tolerated by most people. No serious side effects have been reported in extensive human testing… Can be taken on an extended basis for months or even years… Can be used with other dietary supplements …

Metatrol PRO® Fermented Wheat Germ Extract

New BioActive Gluten-Free Capsules!

The most potent Fermented Wheat Germ Extract ever produced! Just two Metatrol PRO capsules are bioequivalent to one AvéULTRA® packet.

  • Each Metatrol PRO® box contains 60 capsules
  • Easier to take – No mixing with water
  • Heat stable up to 122°F
  • Gluten-free

Supplement Facts:

1. What is Metatrol PRO® – is it the same product as AvéULTRA®?


1.Metatrol PRO® contains the bioactive fraction from AvéULTRA®; non-active fractions, including gliadin and gluten are filtered out.

Research shows that FWGE provides health benefits by supporting regulation of both cell metabolism and immune function. FWGE consists of tens of thousands of molecules. Research by American BioSciences and academic research collaborators show that fewer than 100 molecules account for the 100% of the biological activity of FWGE, and technology was patented that concentrates this “bioactive fraction” into a substance called FWGE-SC®. Studies show that 41 mg of FWGE-SC, the amount found in two Metatrol PRO® capsules has the same biological activity as 5,500 mg of FWGE, the amount found in 1 packet of AvéULTRA®.

2. Why change the name to Metatrol PRO®?

The Metatrol PRO® name results from combining syllables from the words “metabolic control”, which we hope will emphasize the primary benefit of this dietary supplement; the support of healthy cell metabolic regulation that drives healthy gene expression.*

In healthy cells, metabolism involves the conversion of glucose with oxygen into a molecule called “ATP”, which fuels the function of healthy cells. Medical researchers have long known that stress and injury can alter cell metabolism, in some cases stimulating non-oxidative metabolism and inhibiting oxidative metabolism. These cells no longer function in a healthy manner, and they disturb the healthy function and metabolism of neighboring cells. Research shows that FWGE and FWGE-SC help support healthy oxidative metabolism, and inhibit non-oxidative metabolism that characterize abnormal cells, restoring healthy cell function.

3. Will I receive the same benefits from Metatrol PRO® as I did from AvéULTRA®?

Yes, research shows that Metatrol PRO® provides the same health benefits as AvéULTRA®, but it is much easier to take – just two capsules per day, no need to mix with water or juice, and gluten and gliadin have been removed so that people with gluten allergies can take it without worries.

4. Are there any side effects from Metatrol PRO®?

Research shows that AvéULTRA® FWGE is non-toxic. Only a small percent of users report stomach upset or change in stool, which could be caused by gluten and gliadin. Some AvéULTRA® users complain about the taste, and difficulty mixing with water or juice. With new Metatrol PRO®, we expect even fewer user complaints. Gluten and gliadin are removed from FWGE, and the daily dose is just two capsules per day, so there’s nothing to mix, and virtually no taste.

5. How can Fermented WHEAT Germ Extract be gluten-free?

Patent pending technology concentrates all the bioactive molecules in FWGE and filters out gluten and non-active molecules. Original Avé® and AvéULTRA® had 665.5 mg of gluten per serving, while Metatrol PRO® contains only a trace of
gluten (less than 20 ppm, 0.005 mg per capsule) and meets the Food and Drug Administration definition of “gluten-free”.

6. How many Metatrol PRO® capsules should I take? When switching from AvéULTRA® to Metatrol PRO®, substitute two Metatrol PRO® capsules for one packet of AvéULTRA®.

Research shows that 2 Metatrol PRO® capsules, containing 41 mg of FWGE-SC is bioequivalent to 1 packet of AvéULTRA®, containing 5,500 mg of FWGE freeze dried extract. We encourage everyone with serious health issues to consult with a physician for personal guidance. For adults weighing less than 200 lbs, the usage recommendation is to take 2 capsules per day, together at once, or in divided doses (1 in the am, 1 in the pm). For people weighing over 200 pounds, 4 capsules per day are recommended. Consult with a health care practitioner for usage recommendation for children. Do not take when pregnant or nursing. Do not take if on immune suppressive medication related to an organ transplant.

7. When should I take Metatrol PRO®?

AvéULTRA® usage instructions suggested taking it one hour before or after meals, and two hours before or after any drugs or other dietary supplements.

Metatrol PRO® contains the “bioactive fraction” of AvéULTRA®, consisting of fewer than 100 molecules with very low molecular weights, and are not degraded by active digestion, so you can take Metatrol PRO® before, during or after meals. There has been no research showing that other dietary supplements will interfere with Metatrol PRO®, or that Metatrol PRO® interferes with any other dietary supplements, so you can take Metatrol PRO® whenever it is convenient.

When taking any prescription medication, review the “FDA packet insert”, available with every drug for warnings and contraindications and consult with your doctors or with pharmacists.

8. Will Metatrol PRO® be more expensive than AvéULTRA®?

No, Metatrol PRO® is the same price as AvéULTRA®, despite the increased cost of manufacturing (essentially we manufacture AvéULTRA®, then we extract and discard the non-active constituents, and concentrate the “bioactive fraction”).

Unlike AvéULTRA® which needs to be shipped on ice in climates where the temperature is above 80°F, Metatrol PRO® is stable at up to 122F, so it can be shipped by regular mail, and without ice in areas where the outside temperature is under 100°F, so many customers will save money on shipping.

9. If I prefer, can I still get AvéULTRA®?

AvéULTRA® is still available, but we expect most people to switch to Metatrol PRO®.

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