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OcuTone 90c is available by Douglas Laboratories.
Product Number: 6718
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OcuTone 90c is available by Douglas Laboratories.

HEALTH FUNCTION: Ocular (Eye) Nutrition


A Dietary Supplement



90 Vegetarian Capsules

More Info:

Comprehensive nutritional support for healthy eyes. Our eyes are continually exposed to the potentially damaging effects of oxygen and light more than any other tissue in the body. Experts believe that uncontrolled generation of free radicals in the eyes can lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. OcuTone provides a comprehensive and potent combination of those antioxidant nutrients that research has found to be important for maintaining normal eye function. Weve included generous amounts of 10 key antioxidants, including lutein, a carotene nutrient and major eye pigment in the retina that plays a special role in ocular nutrition. OcuTone can be taken by itself to nutritionally support eye function, or in conjunction with other Douglas Laboratories supplements, such as Basic Preventive.


Three (3) Vegetarian Capsules Contain:

Natural Beta-Carotene ...10,000 I.U.

(D. salina, Vitamin A activity)

Lutein ...15mg

Vitamin C ...500mg

(L-Ascorbic Acid, corn-free)

Vitamin E ...400 I.U.

(d-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate)

Zinc ...6mg


Selenium (Amino Acid Complex) ...50mcg

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine ...300mg

L-Glutathione (reduced) ...50mg

Taurine ...300mg

Bilberry extract ...60mg

(min. 25% Anthocyanosides)

Grape Seed extract ...50mg

(min. 92% Proanthocyanidins)

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