PAN-OX-5 180T-6740
  1. PAN-OX-5 180T

PAN-OX-5 180T

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Pan-Ox-5 180t is available by Douglas Laboratories.
Product Number: 6740
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Pan-Ox-5 180t is available by Douglas Laboratories.

HEALTH FUNCTION: Digestive/G.I. Support


A Dietary Supplement



180 Tablets

More Info:

Complete dietary enzyme formula.


Each Tablet Contains:

Betaine HCl ...60mg

Glutamic Acid ...10mg

Pancreatin (4X) ...75mg

(equal to 300 mg. of Pancreatin)

Pepsin (1:3000) ...32.5mg

Papain ...48mg

Aspergillus Oryza ...35mg

Lipase ...50mg

Ox Bile extract ...65mg

Rennin ...15mg

Malt Diastase ...7.5mg

Beet Root Powder ...100mg

Citrus Pectin ...12.5mg

In a base of Myrrh Gum.

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