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TA-65MD® nutritional supplements support immune health and can help reverse some of the obvious effects of cellular aging.
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TA-65MD® is a patented, all natural, plant-based compound which can help maintain or rebuild telomeres, that diminish as people get older.

The length of a person’s telomeres is a good indicator of his or her overall health status; short telomeres have been associated with cellular aging and dysfunction.The real biological age of a person’s body may be more or less than their chronological age. Telomere length is considered a key marker in measuring a person’s biological age as opposed to their chronological age. For a body to stay healthy, it is important to maintain telomere length. Having short telomeres can accelerate the natural aging process on a cellular level.

By activating an enzyme called telomerase, the TA-65MD® compound can help slow down and possibly reverse age and lifestyle-related telomere shortening.

• Lengthens Short Telomeres
• Repairs DNA Damage
• Rejuvenates Aging Immune Systems
• Increases Bone Density
• Improves Biomarkers that Decline with Age

After approximately 3 years of research and development, TA Sciences in conjunction with industry experts in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States have perfected an exclusive method for extracting the naturally-occurring TA-65 molecule from the Astragalus root. T.A. Sciences is the first company to extract the single molecule, TA-65 from the plant. The result is a powder that is more than 90% pure TA-65. It is a potent, Telomerase-Activating molecule*.

Footnote: The Telomerase-Activating potency of TA-65 has been independently proven in rigorous analytical tests by The Geron Corporation, in Menlo Park, CA.

First, the plant material is harvested from selected farms in one small region in China. The plant material is then sent to an exclusive plant extraction facility where the raw astragalus root is chopped up and processed. After the initial extraction, the active ingredient is further purified and then sent to an independent government testing facility where it is examined to ensure purity and to remove any unwanted excipients. This "raw material" extract is then sent to a laboratory in Canada.

According to the company, each shipment has documents showing a verified Certificate of Analysis, ensuring the identity and purity of the raw material. The Canadian laboratory is a modern state-of-the-art FDA certified facility. There the base material is then further processed to yield the TA-65 molecule. After being refined to over 90% purity, each batch is inspected one more time, using a proprietary, patent-protected assay exclusive to TA Sciences.

TA-65MD® nutritional supplements are the first in a line of products based on the TA-65® compound. TA-65MD® nutritional supplements are formulated through a proprietary process to increase the absorption (bioavailability) of the TA-65® compound in the body. This process helps ensure that the compound is not digested before it reaches the bloodstream, where it can then be delivered to our cells. No other products utilize this proprietary technology.

TA-65MD® nutritional supplements are proven to activate telomerase and lengthen telomeres. They should be taken as part of an overall health and wellness regimen. TA-65MD® supplements have been proven safe and effective in more than a decade of studies and in use by people wor

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