1. Urine Fluoride

Urine Fluoride

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Urinary excretion is the main route of elimination for fluoride. Fluoride is found in drinking water, tea and other beverages, toothpaste, refrigerants and non-stick coatings, as well as many prescription drugs including some anesthetics, antibiotics, antidepressants, chemotherapeutics, corticosteroids, asthma and allergy medications, and antifungals.

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Fluoride is potentially toxic at high doses or with prolonged lower-level exposure. It may cause dental fluorosis, osteomalacia, ligament calcification, hypocalcemia, arrhythmias, neurotoxicity, headaches, vertigo, thyroid dysfunction and anemia. Recent studies indicate that fluoride exposure from fluoridated water correlates with increased risk of bone cancer in young boys, and hip fracture in the elderly. Fluoride is measured using an ion specific electrode.

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