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A BIOACTIVE AMAZON RAINFOREST EXTRACT proven to help the body repair cell damage for optimal healthspa
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rainforest extract

An organic Amazon rainforest extract of the Uncaria tomentosa plant that has been proven to enhance cell health by supporting your body's natural ability to repair DNA, limit inflammation, clear out damaged cells, and enhance immune function - four powerful anti-aging functions critical to health as we age.

Naturally Repair Cells

We experience up to one million DNA damage incidents every day, and the resulting accumulated damage underlies many conditions of aging and disease. The body contains enzymes to repair this damage, and with the proper nutrients, these enzymes work optimally to help repair damaged DNA.

  • *Support cellular DNA repair within your cells naturally†
  • *Boost your immune system by improving cellular health†
  • *Scientifically supported by 17+ years of research, 40+ scientific peer-reviewed studies, and 10 U.S. patents

  • What is DNA damage?
  • Inside the nucleus of every cell in our body is DNA. The integrity of this DNA is critical to healthy cell replication and function. But every day, we experience up to one million DNA damage incidents from free radicals. The resulting accumulated damage underlies many conditions of aging and disease.
DNA damage and aging
The true cause of aging is the degradation of cell health over time. We can’t see it happening at the cellular level, but we see the symptoms of aging outwardly as sagging skin, age spots, achy joints, mental fog, loss of energy, and a general decrease in quality of life.

DNA damage and disease
Studies have proven that DNA damage accumulating over time leads to chronic conditions of aging, and also diseases such as cancer.

How your body repairs DNA damage?
Your body has anti-oxidants that help to block free radicals from causing DNA damage, but it’s not a perfect system, so damage does occur. Fortunately, your body has enzymes that repair DNA damage as it occurs. But eventually, your body’s DNA repair process cannot keep up with the damage that occurs, so that damage accumulates. This happens as you age, but also if your lifestyle is unhealthy, as in the case of smokers.

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