How Do You Strengthen Your Immune System? | Dr. Guberman
How Do You Strengthen Your Immune System?

There has never been a time when maintaining a healthy immunity system has been more important. You can eat a healthy diet, rich in vital nutrients, and get the recommended amount of exercise, but still fall short of your optimal health goals. That’s where the experts at Progressive Labs, Metagenics, Perque and other manufacturers can help.

Not surprisingly, we have been getting a lot of questions related to Covid-19. One of the most common is, “I’m wearing a mask and social distancing. What else can I do to protect myself and those around me from Covid-19?”

Of course, everyone has a unique health profile that will affect the steps that might be best for them. In general, though, maintaining a healthy immune system is a great place to start.

Strategies to Strengthen Your Immune System

The health experts at WebMD provide an interesting list of immune-boosting foods. At the top of their list is elderberry. “It's an old folk remedy,” they report. “This fruit is loaded with nutrients called antioxidants, and it may help fight inflammation. In some lab studies, an extract from the berries appears to block flu viruses. But scientists caution that more study is needed. You definitely still need to get a yearly flu vaccination!”

Also appearing on WebMD’s list are:

Button Mushrooms: WebMD says they deliver selenium and the B vitamins riboflavin and niacin.

Acai Berry: “Its dark color is a sign that it's got plenty of nutrients called anthocyanins,” they tell us.

Oysters: “They've got zinc in them, which appears to have some virus-fighting powers,” WebMD reports. “That's probably because zinc helps create and activate white blood cells involved in the immune response. It also assists your immune system with tasks such as healing wounds.”

You may also want to consider products such as:

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